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How to Add Stickies to Your MacBook Desktop
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follow link Similar applications described as " desktop notes " are available for most operating systems. In , the first version of Stickies was written by Apple employee Jens Alfke and included in System 7. Alfke had originally developed it in his free time as Antler Notes and intended to release it as shareware doing business as Antler Software.

Apple planned to acquire it from him, but then realized that they already legally owned it under the terms of his employment. During the transition to Mac OS X in , Stickies was rewritten in Cocoa , and is still included in macOS, now with features such as transparent notes, styled text, and the ability to embed pictures in notes. The Stickies application currently supports the following usage scenarios: [ citation needed ].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Select the "Stickies" option. This will create a new sticky note on the Dashboard. The Dashboard's sticky note widget is separate from the Sticky Notes desktop app.

Getting Started With Stickies

Dashboard notes are more limited in formatting and content options. See the next section for instructions on creating desktop sticky notes. Enter the note text. You can start typing in your new note immediately. Enter anything that you want to save in quick note format. Change the note color. You can select from several different colors to help organize your notes. Click the i button in the bottom-left corner of the note.

Access Sticky Notes on Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad

Select the "Paper Color" that you want to use for that note. Change note font.

Dashboard Widgets On Desktop macOS High Sierra

You can change the font of the note if you don't like the default one. Select the font and size from the menus that appear. Method 2. One of the most useful features of the Stickies desktop app is the ability to create a new sticky note from any highlighted text. This is great for creating a note from a website, email, calendar entry, or any other piece of text. This shortcut will create a new sticky note on your desktop from the text that you have selected.

You can also select images and links, and these will be copied to the sticky note as well. Open the Keyboard section and click the Shortcuts tab. Create a sticky note by opening the Stickies app. You don't have to use the keyboard shortcut to create sticky notes.

Add a list to a note

Opening the Stickies app in your Applications folder will allow you to create new notes and adjust your sticky note properties. With the sticky note highlighted, this shortcut will force the sticky note to stay in front of your other windows.

Sticky Notes 8

You can also enable this from the Note menu. This will let you see anything that is underneath the note, and is useful when used with the previous shortcut. No more pining note to desktop adding more sticky notes and changing color. The board is not convenient. I liked having my notes right in front of me. This sticky notes is bulky, Huge, gets in the way, is more difficult to use. The joy of sticky notes was they hid silently in the background for quick easy access.

Notes don't appear on desktop, must open main screen. Cost to get rid of ads and cannot remove to get a better version. After the last Windows 10 update, my Sticky Notes are horrible! All my symbols check marks, dingbats are gone! All the things that made Sticky Notes useful and enjoyable to me are gone. Why can't I pin these Sticky Notes to my desktop? There are only four note colors nasty yet an infinite choice of font colors.

This app at least has TWO fonts to choose from, but that's all I can say. This sucks. Gimme back the old app from Windows 8. I used to love this app. It helped me to keep organized and information I frequently needed close at hand. However, since the update, I can no longer customize the size of the notes, nor can I create new notes.

MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Keep notes, lists, and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop. You see the notes whenever the Stickies app on your Mac is open. Add a list to a note. Keep notes, lists and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop. You see the notes whenever the Stickies app on your Mac is open. Add a list to a note.

It's useless now. I've used Sticky Notes before and found them most helpful; however, they were most helpful then, when I could pin them to my Desktop rather than having to constantly change back and forth to my Start Screen.

Could you possible add the option of pinning to the Desktop Screen also? That would be very handy.

Navigation menu

With Sticky Notes version 3. If you want to create a replacement copy of your sticky notes, create a copy of the file with an additional number—e. You can change the bullet type. I want a simple little area to jot done notes, be able to move it across or side to side while still seeing my desktop background and without having to open an actual screen. After each item, hit Return and you can continue to add more. Stickies will automatically save every edit you make to your notes, so you can feel free to close the app or restart your Mac without losing anything.

Thanks for a pretty great app. I loved this app in its previous incarnation. It was simple and easy to use. Now it can't even keep up when I type a few words. It is slow, the sizes won't adjust and it is now useless. I don't understand how you can take something that was fine the way it was and then make it a thousand times worse. This app needs a bit more work before it should be released to the public. I can't post anywhere on the desktop, just in the window of the app.

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