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Apple Footer Should i ever need small caps, i would probably explore an automation in indesign or macro in word. What are you currently pasting into, someone else may have a solution. Thanks for your input. I'm pasting into Word for Mac Haven't changed any of the normal paste settings in Word. I get the same results in Pages and Mellel. Posted 17 September - PM.

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The "ORD" is not the same height as normal capital letters. This is often achieved by having a different font to produce the ORD. Posted 18 September - AM.

Thank you for your input. The "problem" is obviously with Accordance since the result is the same with multiple word processors and the other Bible software I have copies it correctly. It's a style; the actual characters are lowercase but with this style they look like uppercase. It usually in Accordance anyway is not a smaller size uppercase nor a different font. The Small Caps is often not supported by the clipboard, and may not be supported in all fonts anyway.

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This is why it often gets replaced by plain lowercase, but I think Accordance may sometimes compensate by switching it to uppercase. Helen, thank you for the explanation. It is not a "deal breaker", I just wanted to know what was happening. Thanks again for the explanation.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. Posted 13 September - PM Why when I copy as citation does "Lord" copy in all caps rather than in small caps as it is in the text?

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Posted 13 September - PM What are you pasting into and what are your paste settings??? Assuming its word, I have an old version of word and some of the settings are a bit limited so you may need to experiment but under preferences you will see these. My guess is the lower caps is seen by word as a 'local' format and it probably is getting stripped when you paste.

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It may be the smart style setting where Word tries to guess and gets it wrong as usual. Professional dtp peograms like InDesign can handel this as part of the style settings. You may want to set it to select on paste so you can choose the most appropriate depending on the situation. Couldnt find anything that would allow you to set local formatting under auto correct.

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Whatever you do use a sensible memorable set of similar commands. User profile for user: Henrik Holmegaard Henrik Holmegaard.

Which Office program are you using?

Word for Mac: on the Document Elements tab, under Text Elements Select the lowercase text that you want to format as small caps. Hi Guys, I recently upgraded to Office for my MBP. option to change the font to "Small Captials" Which meant the font was in capitals but One good thing about office Mac is that the menu system is still there and.

This command converts a unit of type designed for the weight and width of a baseline capital, scaling the unit of type down in size. Scaling the unit of size down in size is down without visual compensation for legibility, so the weight and width is now too light and less legible.

The command is there to do two things : support fake small capitals in fonts that don't have true small capitals, and support fake small capitals in fonts that do have true small capitals that cannot be used in PDF because the true small archives will be unsearchable. Typographically speaking, this is a sad and sorry state of affairs. What is the negative of "Small caps"? The menu item doesn't behave as a switch. So, is it none AllCaps Title? When small capitals are faked, they are drawn by faking from capitals, so the opposite of small capitals in that case is capitals. Small capitals are often done as glyph variants drawn off lower case in line layout, so in typography the opposite can be lower case.

There is a titling case in fine typography. This case is shorter than upper case and taller than lower case. Titling case is used where the difference between capitals and small capitals is too visually disturbing, e. I asked peter which is the opposite of the menu item small caps. Your response is not accurate. If the original text was typed in Uppercase, the opposite of Small Caps is certainly not Lowercase.

My guess is that dwb gave the correct response: the opposite of any item of the Capitalization menu is none. Correct, speed typing. None is no case, and no case is typographically meaningless.

If a composed case conversion is decomposed, the source case should be specified. Sep 23, AM in response to Henrik Holmegaard In response to Henrik Holmegaard From my point of view, the opposite of a menu item is the one which reset the status which was available before the triggering of the menu item. If we trigger an other menu item, we aren't doing the opposite, we are applying an other calculated style. Agreed, the principle of the thing is to preserve plain text plain and pass formatting to the font with properly designed features not faked features.

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