Running mac os x on windows 7 virtualbox

Run a macOS High Sierra Mac OS X Virtual Machine on Windows I had my Mac for a year. Now I got into unexpected debt, and have to sell it. This will be handy as a substitute for some small work I usually did on Mac. Hi Jake, im over my google drive limit and had to download 5 individual rar files. Do I open them and add them in virtualbox individually and in any order or do I need to combine them first before or after opening them then add to virtualbox. Cheers Rob. Install winrar or 7zip then right click on the first rar file and extract the vmdk file and continue following the tutorial.

Nice work and thanks!! Hello Jake Thank you for your great job,ive installed macOs sierra couple month ago and it work perfectly. I just uptande my iphone to ios I have a bit PC running Windows Any idea why this is or how I can fix it? Virtualization is on but I could only choose bit Snow Leopard. I have bit Windows 10 PC. Hi, I am stuck in the coding.

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After you said, you will see some geeky coding just let it sit and then you will be at Sierra instruction part. The geeky coding up sits and I am not able to get to the Sierra instruction part. If you are having issues, use the commands presented by Asad while they are still available. All the others have issues with spacing and slashes. After correcting all those issues, I was able to get passed the not enough space error seen above and plenty of other issues. Everything worked great, but my keyboard and mouse lag really bad. Do you have any idea how to fix that.

It fails everytime for me, I suspect because of the serial number being 0. VM starts but is stuck on black screen. Does not move forward. Though, nothing happens afterwards. Any help is appreciated. Windows: 7 64bit SP1 VB: 5. Executed after VB is closed. AS we already know this is not the authentic device hence Apple rejecting download request.

Is there any work around of this problem? Hi Jake. I just installed following your tutorial. It is running good and I thank you very much. I have one question. I would like to change the resolution of the screen and I only have one choice X Is it possible to have more choices and how I do that? I also have problem with my microphone. How I can fix it. Thank you for your help. Hey thanks a lot for this tutorial. A lot of other guides have tons of issues. You made it effortless!

Step 1: Requirements

Works on Linux too. Yeah… this guide has been floating around for some time now, being posted by different authors. I have tried just about all the commands you can find floating around as possible solution. It may be specific to 5. So it may be worth it to look up vmware and see if that plays more nicely with this vmdk. So anyways… i will stop rambling now. If anyone else tries the same. You find the VBoxManage program for the setextradata calls in this directory. I have followed all instructions. I developed a piece of software and yesterday a guy wrote me with a problem with my application on mac.

Now I can reproduce his error and debug it. Can the display resolution be increased? I am running the VM in a 4k monitor and it is taking a tiny portion of it. Would love to make it full screen or atleast fullHD. And it worked like a charm. High Sierra Thanks for the tutorial. Looks like most people having issues because its not mentioned in the tutorial to close the virtual box before entering the code in command prompt.

If you can add it in the notes sections it would be great. Hi there, thank you for this guide. I followed all the steps mentioned but when I launched the VM I am greeted with black screen not CLI screen , its just black screen where it shows nothing. I waited for more than 30 minutes and nothing happened. This code will work as long as you update to 5.

Step Two: Create Your Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. This is where you'll make your hard disk. Patrick Viau. Any insight on how to correct? I appreciate the write up either way.

Hey :- … how long is this supposed to take? It just seems like its repeating itself over and over. Do i just wait? I ended up using the vmdk version and booting from the hard drive. You can download the vmdk file macOS Sierra When I download from drive, it gives me a blank folder inside the Zip.

For both the FUll and 6 of 6 download. Thanks, Its working. But VM is starting in small window. How can I change the resolution of the Virtual Machine? Finally when get to the end, when i try to run the VM appear the black screen with the geek code loading the system and for 2 seconds appear a black mouse and restart. Plus sound is messed up… I get random chirps instead of the expected audio stream. This is cool and it works great! Just one problem, I canot connect to the internet via ethernet connection.

Btw i doing this just for fun, I have a macbook. IS there a way that I can upgrade my os from my vm? I am running a macOS Sierra on virtualbox 5. Hi, thank you very much for this guide, everything works fine, except for the screen size, mine is full hd but the mac os looks in x is there any way around this? I suffered the same problem but manged to fix it. I think this is a problem in this comment section.

Just wanted to say thank you! I tried a ton of different guides and could not get any of them to work and ran into a bunch of problems. After trying this it boots up without issues! I also updated virtualbox and it made no difference. Thank you! I also checked the bios and virtualization is already enabled. But I still have the same problem. It gets stuck on that shell thing. I have other VMs running without issue.

I have followed the steps above but when I try to run the vm I receive the following error: failed to open a session for the virtual machine safari on mac. Do you know what did I do wrong to have this error: disk0s2: Media is not present Thank you for the guide. What info need from me to solve it? Thanks in advance. So, I had two issues… 1 When I logged on with my apple account, it gave me a message about the device is no longer valid for creating Apple ID accounts.

Is there a way to get the wheel on the mouse to work? Thanks for sharing. It runs well. Download button for. Hey, I am just getting a blank black screen when I started my mac virtual machine. Its been there for quite some time now. What could be the problem? I entered all the code right, it all executed. Sarib — I found that Windows 10 had Hyper-V installed by default.

I removed it with the following command at the Administrator command prompt:. Then, search for Intel Virtualization Technology, and make sure its turned on. I am having the same issue as Sakina above. In order to fix, I recommend keeping your image file and create a new virtual machine and use another version of VirtualBox. Nice job!! Waste of time, Downloaded everything as advised in this tutorial Is the vmware image supposed to work also in VirtualBox?

After installing VB 6. I wouldnt like to have to go back to an old version. Hi, followed the guide exactly. Unfortunately i am stuck in the shell boot screen. It did not work for me, does not leave the boot screen. Thank you. After updating Virtualbox to version 6. Had to reinstall VB 5. Due to restrictions, I can not download virtual box image from outside.

I dnld Virtual box 6. However I got it to work after powering down and under settings USB I clicked add and added all the devices it was showing, including the keyboard. I also noticed a pattern regarding the jerky movement and delayed keyboard input, SAVE the state then start the machine again, and the mouse and keyboard will respond normally.

Maybe the pattern will hold it did after three instances of jerky movement. It seems the keyboard only talks to MacOS until it is shut down. Any hints will be appreciated as to how to connect the Mojave machine to the network card. After looking at the log file, someone on the VirtualBox.

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Does this mean running mojave is impossible on Windows? Holy C!

1. Download VirtualBox

How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox: NOTE: This tutorial is now considered outdated and I've published a new instructable with a newer. Next, head to your Windows machine, and install VirtualBox if you Name your Virtual Machine “High Sierra,” and choose “Mac OS X” for the.

On some reboots The mouse works smoothly then suddenly gets in the jerky mode. Any hints from anyone will be appreciated. Hi, install VirtualBox extension pack for mouse working. Hii, mine is still on the booting page. Starting with the latest OSX patch, Also patch the vmx file as he instructs. Worked perfectly for me. Hi Ali. I have installed macOS in virtualbox and the only issue I am facing is when I click on siri icon, it says no microphone found. How do I fix it? Works now. Can you detail what you did? M or anyone else! Do I have to manually edit the. What should I change there?

You see the commands you have to perform to update some VB settings? The very first one changes cpuid. Modify the hexa values a bit and you will be able to log in. I managed to get to the welcome screen but then the mouse does not seem to interact with the list country selection. Right click releases it but the cycle repeats. Any ideas? Thanks again! Hi, Thanks for your appreciation. Hi Ali, Thanks for the update! Works fine for me now. Just want to use some minor functions. Hi everyone, Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience you encountered.

In this case, I have checked and updated the files entirely. However, the files are accurate and working perfectly now.

Installing Windows 7 on Mac OSX with Virtual Box

Thanks for your information and response on this. Hope this works, let me know in the comments down below. Intel ik overclocked with VT-X on. Maximus hero VIII motherboard.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC on VirtualBox

GTX graphics card. Great — Upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version and try step by step with this new image.

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God damn, I feel so stupid. I completely miss understood what you meant by have VB closed… I thought you meant just the window. After force shutting it in task manager, it works perfectly.

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I have linux Mint But i use another vmdk file. Thanks for your response. Soon I will update you on this problem. Hi Dave, Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience you encountered. Many of us are experiencing this issue. I have checked all the settings and re-downloaded your latest image. It still does not work. I suspect a problem with your Virtual Box. Hi Dave, Thanks for the explanation though. I will do changes on this and fix this. Just last thing, what processor do you use, Intel or AMD. I looked up with both Shell and third party software.

Tried the new image and all kinds of settings variations. Always drops to EFI shell. I see the same as Dave and Jedd and stuck now.

Installing VirtualBox with Windows 7 on Mac

I used powershell admin for the commands. Also it seems we should also enable PAE under System. Hi Dave, Try reserving your setting to high as much as you your system allows. Let me know if this work. It goes immediately to the EFI Shell and drops to a command prompt.

Install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox

OS X When you are planning to run Mac OS X So, download Image and install the same and get a first-hand look and feel into the whole virtual set up and how it operates and helps you. Experience is always something worth of experiencing, and OS X on VirtualBox deserves a fraction of your time. Software: VirtualBox: VirtualBox 4. El Capitan Processor on VirtualBox. El Capitan System on VirtualBox. Code for Virtualbox 5. Code for Virtualbox 4.