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On with the Show (concert tour)

John McVie, one of the co founding and original members of Fleetwood Mac, is now scheduled to be in treatment for cancer during that period of time. We hope our Australian and New Zealand fans as well as Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere will join us in wishing John and his family all the best. For all tickets booked online or by phone, the refund will be refunded automatically to the credit card used in purchasing the tickets. Please allow up to 10 days to receive your refund.

If the original credit card you used for the purchase has been cancelled or is no longer valid please contact the place of purchase. If you made your booking at an outlet please return to the original outlet where the tickets were purchased with your ticket s and with the credit card used to make the purchase in hand in order to obtain your refund. Refunds will be provided to the original purchaser only on presentation of photo ID. Awwww, this is very sad news.


My thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. I will never forget what seeing them at the Columbus show meant to me. John…you are such a kind man with a strong quiet spirit. Your unmistakable bassline has always been there for us so we are here for you too.

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You have all my love and support. John is the backbone of this band.. Video and Fan Photos Below Posted by Nickslive at Friday, May 31, 1 comments.

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Fleetwood Mac - comprehensive source for tickets, concert details, tour. Fleetwood Mac have announced two New Zealand shows for November MAC will bring their On With The Show World Tour to New Zealand in the band were unfortunately forced to cancel their sold-out dates.

Suffering from a knee ailment, Nicks kept her famous twirling to a minimum and moved on and off stage with a slight limp. Her distinctive sound has become yet even more distinctive by way of an increased muted nasal quality. At some points she seemed to miss notes. While skillful, their longtime backup singers tucked at stage left failed to compensate for her warm vocal harmonies.

The reports that she may take the stage with her former bandmates when they play in London has set L. Both songs come from Tusk, the unusual Rumours followup album. No one would have blamed Fleetwood Mac if their show felt like a forced TV reunion with plastered smiles and rose-tinted nostalgia.

It was far more genuine.

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They told stories of their early years in L. Rejuvenated and finally unencumbered by their past, Fleetwood Mac proved themselves as formidable and as together as ever. Tickets are still available. Posted by Nickslive at Thursday, May 30, 1 comments.

Stevie Nicks hits the road with Fleetwood Mac Again - Grazia Magazine. May 29th issue. The story of "Without You" Posted by Nickslive at Thursday, May 30, 0 comments. Labels: Fleetwood Mac - Anaheim. I am pretty certain it was, but I stopped keeping track a while ago… big mistake… and now my memory is a bit… fuzzy.


That's a pretty good track record compared to any other tour of any artist. However, due to high demand, more dates were added, which stretched the leg into July Sadly, though the music was appreciated, all was not well within the band; Weston pictured and Walker were fired. Stevie: 'I got my confidence back'. On January 13, , the band's publicist Liz Rosenberg announced that Christine McVie, who had previously quit the band in after three decades, would be rejoining. Would make sense since the tour is kind of heading in that direction anyway. Wells Fargo Arena.

I promise to write them all down from now on… but I am almost certain it was my first show. I saw Lindsey Buckingham last year on his solo tour… amazing… and once before that… but never the band… and while Christine McVie is definitely missed, the show was a stunner. Check out the full review at Marc's Muse. Posted by Nickslive at Wednesday, May 29, 3 comments. With shout-outs from the audience to Stevie wishing her a Happy Birthday and even one wishing Lindsey a Happy Birthday it was a pretty special night. The audience at one point started singing Happy Birthday while Stevie was off doing a wardrobe change She came back, thanked the audience, telling them to wish her a Happy Un-Birthday Here's the video.

I hope she had some fun after the show to mark the occasion! Over the course of two and a half hours, the band drew almost exclusively from the five albums made by its classic lineup Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, plus the absent Christine McVie , to the obvious delight of the packed crowd. The show ended with both Nicks and Fleetwood giving what sounded like awards-show acceptance speeches, and as self-indulgent as that was, they had earned it.

Above photos by devymoreno jesvicious Posted by Nickslive at Tuesday, May 28, 2 comments. Labels: Fleetwood Mac - Las Vegas. Posted by Nickslive at Monday, May 27, 0 comments. Labels: Fleetwood Mac Tour Some interesting videos from the last few shows Posted by Nickslive at Monday, May 27, 7 comments. Fleetwood Mac does their best work in dramatic circumstances.

They put out their finest album in the midst of personal turmoil and needed Bill Clinton to broker a reunion in As recently as last year, Mick Fleetwood proclaimed that the band wouldn't tour again because of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks' commitments to their solo careers. Yet after nearly four years of inactivity, Fleetwood Mac was back playing in the city where its formative lineup came together.

And it appeared that he and his bandmates were as well. There were smiles, hugs and handholding, something that seemed hard to imagine back in the day. In February, Buckingham hinted that the band had completed their first batch of new material since 's Say You Will. They played with intensity; Buckingham's solos were fiery and mystical, reaffirming his status as one of the more overlooked guitar players in rock history.

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Mick Fleetwood's drum solos were gutbusting, while bassist John McVie's steady proved why he remains their steady foundation. But in the end, the band's biggest attraction is still the spellbinding Nicks, still a siren at Her wardrobe these days is, of course, boho chic, although it's unlikely that a younger Nicks would have thrown on a warm coat mid-set and complained to the crowd about the chilly weather. Still, despite years of cocaine abuse and going under the knife to remove nodules on her vocal chords, her raspy, vulnerable voice sounded like it did when the band was in peak form.

She twisted and twirled around the stage. The group shared personal stories about Los Angeles. Prior to a tender "Landslide," Nicks confessed that she never expected the song to be so beloved when she first penned it in Buckingham repeated his anecdote from Dave Grohl's Sound City documentary: He'd told Fleetwood if he were to join the band, his then-girlfriend to the mix as well. Nicks and Buckingham may have initially written the songs of Rumours out of spite and anger, but last night they glanced and shot smiles at one another while trading verses.

Having beaten the long odds to survive, it would be understandable if Fleetwood Mac treated these shows as a nostalgia tour. Instead, they're reinvigorated and ready to release more material. The Crowd: There were some fans under But not many. Overheard in the Crowd: "Rush sucks," said someone. He was talking about the talk show host, not the band. Random Notebook Dump: If a band is going to use projected images as a backdrop, they should look better than Windows 95 screensavers.

Posted by Nickslive at Monday, May 27, 11 comments. Labels: Fleetwood Mac - Hollywood. Fleetwood Mac had the wild energy of musical attack paired with the warm glow of together-again.

Fleetwood Mac announce Australia and NZ tour dates

Stevie Nicks is twirling stage left, spinning and grinning, the billowy sleeves of her black velvet and chiffon dress flapping wildly this dress is a dream come true, by the way. This dress is time travel and perfection and making me want to set my wardrobe on fire. Posted by Nickslive at Monday, May 27, 1 comments. Labels: Fleetwood Mac - San Jose.

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Videos, reviews and photos from the show below.. Some really cool shots of the stage - they really transformed the arc projecting the background visuals right onto the bowl Looks beautiful! Review: Fleetwood Mac lights a fire at Hollywood Bowl. LA Times.