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source Avaya IP Office - How to default passwords. Avaya IP Office - How to do a backup and restore.

Mike's PBX Tips. Start by opening the IP Office Manager icon on your computer's desktop by double clicking or navigating to it from the menu.

IP Office 11.0 General Availability Software (Full Suite)

Click on Open Configuration from the System ignoring and allowing bypass of any Windows Security Alert pop-up and allow the program to execute. At the top left hand corner of the IP Office application, click on the box and press Ok. This will open the Configuration Service User Log in box where the log in credentials can be entered.

Most of these systems are used as digital systems, as when they were bought customers were sold on the idea that later they could be IP as well.

However, so many of them in the field have never had the any IP cards or IP phones added. Many IT admin employees find themselves in the role as the phone administrator needing to make system changes and MAC moves, adds and changes , and programming changes.

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One of the most important tasks of administrative duties is to make back-ups. A lot of grief can be avoided by doing so.

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The instructions below explain step by step how to save a copy of the IP Office's current system configuration and when needed how to restore a system configuration from a saved copy. Remembering to complete a backup each time you're working on the system making changes will go a long way in avoiding future headaches.

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Not having to use an old configuration file, after which changes were made to the system, will make life easier. When going back to an earlier out of date config file, you're sure to hear some complaints from users who find something that is not the way it should be.

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Is it backup or back up? Backup is a noun, and sometimes an adjective.

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As a noun, backup refers to an extra or secondary copy of information stored separately, in case of hardware failure or other data loss. Back-up is an alternative spelling of backup.

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Mike's PBX Tips. To backup a copy of the system configuration start by opening up and logging into the the IP Office Manager.

Avaya IP Office- How to Connect Instructions, step by step.

I ran out of time last night with an install to troubleshoot putting Manager on a customers MAC PC. Will it install? Thanks. Do not walk. IP Office General Availability Software. Further information can be found in the IP Office General Availability Release Notes. View the.