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10 Quick Ways To Launch Mac OS X Applications You can change to your Home or Documents folder or whichever folder you use the most. The first helps you keep your trash from overflowing with files, and the second helps you navigate Finder more easily by grouping your folders above your files. Hit Command-I to open the Get Info panel for a selected file where you can view the kind of file, its size, when it was created and last modified, among other attributes.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

Hit Command-Option-S to show or hide Finder's sidebar. Hit Command-Control-T to add a selected item -- a folder, usually -- to the sidebar. Use Command-Option-P to show or hide the path bar. It's a narrow bar along the bottom edge of Finder that shows you the folder path to the file you currently have selected. The status bar sits below the path bar and shows you how many files you have selected out of how many total files in the current folder you are viewing.


If you are using iCloud, it also shows how much space you have remaining on Apple's cloud service. You can change the view of Finder by clicking the four buttons in the menu bar at the top of a Finder window.

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Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts:. Hit Command-J to open the View Options panel.

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This lets you choose, among other things, the types of columns -- Date Modified, Size, Tags, and so on -- that want to see for Finder's column view. You can set different columns to show for different folders in Finder.

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The Quick Look button the eyeball button in the Toolbar is useful for quickly previewing files, saving you from needing to open another app. You can jump right into a full-screen slideshow by holding down the Option key when clicking the Quick Look button.

Improved Dock for macOS

The dock in Mac OS X is intuitive, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing, which is a stark difference from its clunky Windows alternative. Below, I'll show you how to add an OS X-inspired dock on any PC running Windows XP or higher. The only thing I wish it had was an option to. or folders, pin them to the taskbar in Windows or the dock on Mac. You can drag the application icon to the Quick Launch bar on the.

If you are using MacOS Sierra, you'll notice that the eyeball button is missing. Thankfully, there are a couple keyboard shortcuts to use Finder's Quick View feature. Press the spacebar to view any selected files via Quick Look or Option-spacebar to open a full-screen slideshow.

5 ways to launch Mac apps from the keyboard

Hit Command-Option-N to create a new smart folder. Use the arrow keys to navigate the dock, or type the first letter of the app you want to launch. Press return to launch the selected app. If you want to dismiss the Dock, press Esc. If you really want to use the keyboard to launch apps and do much more, you should probably look into using a launcher app.

This article discusses the different features of these launchers.

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The advantage to using one of these utilities goes far beyond simply launching apps. With these five methods, you may find that launching apps is quicker and more efficient. You can use your keyboard more, and spend less time with your mouse or trackpad.

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Spotlight The simplest way to launch an app from the keyboard is to use Spotlight. Using Spotlight, you can quickly launch apps by typing a couple of letters.

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Launchpad Launchpad presents your apps with big icons on your screen, laid out in a similar way to iOS app icons on an iPad. When you invoke Launchpad, the Search field is selected.

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Applications folder Another way to launch apps from the keyboard is to do so in the Applications folder. From the Dock You can navigate the Dock using the keyboard, and therefore launch any apps that are in the Dock. Use a Launcher If you really want to use the keyboard to launch apps and do much more, you should probably look into using a launcher app.